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Summer Magic

Last week we took our eight-year-old granddaughter, Orly, to Broadway to see Aladdin and it was magical. It had all the bells and whistles of a Disney production including a great genie and an amazing flying carpet. Orly loved it and we loved it. We also spent four of Orly’s ten days with us on Fire Island, another magical time of fun, surf and sand. Orly immediately bonded with our seven-year-old surrogate granddaughter, Cece, and they were inseparable the whole time and played from dawn till dusk. Fire Island is a special place and the residents on Water Isle have created an amazing bond. Our friend, Ken, has spent the last four decades at his family compound on the narrow strip of sand between the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Ken calls it “Summer Magic.”

As a child, my summers were also magical. I grew up in Dallas on a quiet residential street with lots of kids the ages of my siblings and me. We had croquet and badminton tournaments, soft ball and lots…