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One Person, One Vote

Voting is the unique privilege we are all given as citizens of the United States of America, which is still a great country. We certainly have our challenges, and those challenges must be addressed. It is our responsibility through our vote to support the candidate we think can best solve these problems and keep this great country great. Despite our problems, the “Good Old USA” is where I want to be.

I was distressed when I visited the website of the Pew Research Center to check on voting in America. Their headline read as follows: “US voter turnout trails most developed countries.” They further reported that only 53.6% of US citizens who were eligible voted in the 2012 Presidential election. Countries cited with the highest voter turnout include Belgium, 87%, Turkey, 84% and Sweden, 82%. Census records indicate that America’s voter registration rate is currently 62%, while Canada and the United Kingdom are 91%, Sweden, 96% and nearly 99% in Japan. America can and should…