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Students Say It Best!

On February 7 and 8, RCC celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of hundreds of local middle school and high school students of color in the categories of academic success, community service, artistic expression, athletic ability, leadership, or personal triumph and success. Joined by their proud family members, the young award recipients filled the theater for two consecutive nights of celebration. They were privileged to hear from several outstanding guest speakers, including Jordan Zuber-Banks, whose speech I am sharing with you here. After all, students say it best!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and good evening to the leaders right in front of me. It is an honor to speak with you tonight. Before I begin, let me say, congratulations on your achievements, and distinguishing yourself from your peers. You may have noticed I said, “The leaders in front of me,” not future leaders or any variation of the phrase. For as young adults you are not just the future, we are …