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There's No Dream That's Too Big

I loved my holiday card for this year, a card with a quote from Lady Gaga, “There’s no dream that’s too big.” As I sat at the breakfast table, thinking about what that phrase meant, the dream catcher in our kitchen window caught my eye. The dream catcher is a neo-traditional Native American object whose name means “spider” in the Chippewa culture. It is a hand-made object based on a willow hoop over which is woven a loose net or web. While dream catchers were adopted by the Ojibawa (Chippewa) Nation, their use was embraced by Native Americans of many nations. Traditionally, Native Americans hang the dream catcher above the bed to “catch the bad dreams” in the web and allow only good dreams to pass through.

The dream catcher in our window was a gift from our youngest daughter, Toni, who has always had “wanderlust” and pursued her dreams with passion and determination. Toni was an excellent student, both in and outside the classroom and always sought opportunities that cha…