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Exceptional Senior Student Affairs Administrator’s Leadership Strategies and Competencies for Success

Last Spring I was asked by my close friend and long time colleague to contribute to a book being published by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). Gwen Dungy is the Executive Director of NASPA, and we have worked together twice over the years. I chaired the search committee at Montgomery College who recommended Gwen for the position of Dean of Students. Later Gwen came to work with me as Dean of Humanities at the County College of Morris where I was Vice President of Academic Affairs. Some of you may recall that she spoke at my Inauguration in 2005. We have a shared history and a long and special friendship. I was honored when she asked me to contribute to a book she was editing. I was asked to write from the perspective of a professional whose career began in Student Affairs/Student Development and who later became a president. This was a wonderful walk down memory lane for me and I had put myself back in time to remember “my awakening”…