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Going Home

You can go home again, and I did just that the first weekend in November when I traveled to Dallas, Texas, to attend my 50th High School Reunion. I was born in Dallas and graduated from William M. Lipscomb Elementary School, JH Long Junior High School and Woodrow Wilson High School in the heart of Big D. These were all great public schools that opened doors for many students and provided all of them with a good education. I kept thinking about that as I enjoyed the most special feature of this reunion: it was the time I spent with two lifelong friends, best buddies I met more than 60 years ago. In the past they might have been called bosom buddies, my homeys, or BFF’s but to me they were Richard and Billy Ray with whom I celebrated all rites of passage and to this day, except for my wife, they know me better than anyone. They know my fears, my insecurities, my dreams and my regrets, and still they are my best friends.

I met Bill Ray in the first grade. His mother Sue was m…