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OUT of Africa

“Students Say It Best” Rockland Community College prides itself on its heritage of excellence and diversity. These qualities are evident in many ways including RCC’s programs, services and activities. Our college family knows how to celebrate and honor its diversity and the best example of this diversity lies in our amazing student body, one that is diverse in age, perspective, background and experience. Our student body is comprised of residents of Rockland and a very special group of international students that come from over fifty countries around the world.

OUT of Africa to RCC came Ronald Lawyer, a very special young man, in the spring of 2010. In May of 2012 he graduated from RCC with an outstanding academic record. In the fall of 2012 he will enroll at Mount Saint Mary College on a full scholarship majoring in Nursing. The scholarship is valued at $53,000 per year and is renewable for two years.

Ronald grew up in the small African village, Eremon, Ghana, which had …