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Fishing for Jobs

The adage below is a metaphor for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Open For Business” plan, a new state government approach to economic growth and job production. To that end, Governor Cuomo has established ten Regional Economic Development Councils whose goals are to empower local experts to create jobs, jobs, jobs. The councils are made up of business leaders, public officials and educators. I am honored to have been named to the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council that includes Orange, Ulster, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Sullivan and Rockland Counties.

Both Governor Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Robert J. Duffy have given this job creation project the highest priority and both are actively involved in providing leadership to the groups. The mission of these councils is clearly important as the Governor has identified one billion dollars in funds and tax incentives to be provided over the next five years to enhance economic development projects to produce jobs f…