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Rockland Community College is dedicated to student success!

One of my priorities is to ensure that an RCC education is accessible and affordable to all. We are committed to providing every person who comes to our doors with the opportunity to learn, to succeed, and to gain the skills and education necessary to be competitive in today’s global economy.

That is how much RCC provided during the 2010-11 academic year in financial assistance to students. This figure includes:

Federal grants and work study: $9.1 million
State grants: $2.5 million
Loans: $3.8 million
Scholarships and Student Support Awards: $803,000
3,712 students received one or more forms of assistance.
This represents 46% of the student body!

The Financial Aid office and the RCC Foundation work in partnership to provide students with funding for tuition, books and, where applicable, living expenses. Through the RCC Foundation’s robust scholarship program, hundreds of students also receive financial assistance towards continuing their education at four-year colleges a…