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Out of the Box Living Life Series at Rockland Community College

Today, we in Rockland County, and many folks around the world are “living out of the box.” What I mean by this is that our community is in a constant state of flux as we continue to become a more diverse community. Folks both migrate to and exit from Rockland County. Many come to Rockland from around the corner in New York City and from around the world from both the northern and southern hemisphere. Therefore, many of us are now living outside of the very homogenous box from where we were born and grew up.

In 1970, Marshall McLuhan told us that we were living in a global village and that the world was now like a one-centered nervous system. In 2005, Thomas Friedman again explained or changed the box in which we are living by telling us “the world is flat” and that all of our boxes are part of one global society.

Rockland Community College embraces diversity at the core of its educational mission (RCC Diversity Statement). To meet this need in our community, I am suggesti…