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The Selfless* Selfie

(*Adjective: Having or showing great concern for other people and little or no concern for yourself)
RCC’s Album of Random Acts of Kindness
Over the last several weeks, a number of students have made their way to my office to ask for assistance with tuition, books or letters of recommendation. I continue to be impressed with these students’ interest and commitment to earning an associate’s degree. I am pleased when they tell me about their classroom experiences, and the great respect and appreciation they have for so many excellent professors at RCC. I am also impressed with their involvement outside of the classroom and their concern for the world in which they live.

One of our goals at Rockland Community College is to provide students with experiences both in and out of the classroom, and, as antiquated as it may sound, I still firmly believe that one of the goals of higher education is to help students live in a democracy and become good citizens.

Being a good citizen inc…