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Saying Goodbye to Karen Gualtieri

Intelligent, conscientious, detailed, smart, loyal and driven: these are all adjectives used by colleagues to describe Karen Gualtieri, Vice President of Student Services, who leaves RCC on August 31st after 16 years at the college. During those 16 years, efficient and tough Karen has served as Registrar, Dean of Enrollment Management, and since 2010 as Vice President of Student Services.

Her colleagues’ responses to the question “If I had to describe the Queen of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), I would say the following about her as RCC’s Chief Student Affairs Officer”:

“Well-known for finding ways to move our institution forward in order to serve our students, faculty and staff”“Recognized for her ability to conceptualize and to turn ideas into realities”“Respected as a team player who brings knowledge, skill, commitment and realistic expectations to any project” The above statements clearly describe an administrator who is detailed, conscientious, and sm…