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Tribute to Herbert Kurz

(March 16, 1920-November 24, 2014) delivered at Temple Beth Torah, November 28, 2014
It is an honor and a gift to speak about my friend, Herb Kurz. Let me begin by expressing my deepest sympathy to Ellen and Leonard and Herb’s grandchildren, Sophie and Thomas. I know from our many conversations he loved you very much. I give my deepest admiration to you, Leonard, for your great compassion and care for your father, allowing him to live out his life in the way that was so important to him.

Herb Kurz was tall in stature and tall in spirit. He was a man of grace, compassion, and unparalleled generosity. He believed in education and became a passionate benefactor of student support services at Rockland Community College. His generosity knew no bounds as he assisted individuals, causes and organizations. What he gave was not charity, for he expected those who benefited from his largesse to accomplish something with his gift.

I met Herb more than ten years ago when I first came t…