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Young Alumni of Distinction

The theme of this year’s RCC Foundation Leadership Luncheon was “Men of Distinction” and we honored four outstanding men who have contributed significantly to the College and community.  The honorees included the following:

Dr. David Beisel Professor, History
Francisco A. Garcia-Quezada Adjunct Professor, Spanish
Bill Longhi President and CEO Orange & Rockland Utilities, Inc.
Lawrence Saint-Victor Actor & RCC Alum
At the luncheon we also featured some recent graduates who have already distinguished themselves academically and professionally. The current status of the academic achievement of success of young men, however, is changing dramatically. Last year our Foundation Luncheon focused on “Women of Wisdom” and apparently, young women have the maturity and understanding of their matriarchs and in the words of Virginia Slim, “They have come a long way baby”.

What follows are the graduation statistics for Americans for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.

Graduate Degree % Men % Wome…