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World of Wonders

If I had to title the picture to the left, I would call it “World of Wonders,” because of my granddaughter Orly’s fascination with the world around her…everything from the goldfish and lilies in the pond, to the wriggly worms that inhabit the pond’s bank. My time with Orly in Vermont this summer was also a world of wonder and delight for me. I was reminded of the simple joys of nature and my delight while watching a hawk circling our home on Orchard Hill, or a fox in the wet grass near the woods, a scene we witnessed as we sat having breakfast on the porch. Orly took it all in and was excited, giddy with giggles and amazement.

Then, as I gardened in Vermont after Orly left, I thought about the title “World of Wonders” and remembered that it came from a novel I love by the great Canadian writer Robertson Davies. I admired his impressive demeanor, silver hair, and beautiful reading voice, when I attended a reading of his at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. His nov…