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The Village of Nyack in Rockland County is now a site selected by the Toni Morrison Society for a “Bench by the Road.” The bench, placed in Nyack’s Memorial Park and dedicated on May 18, 2015, is named in honor of Cynthia Hesdra, a former slave who amassed a fortune and was known for her entrepreneurship and participation in the Underground Railroad. Many people from diverse backgrounds and different parts of Rockland and beyond were connected at the inspirational ceremonies held in the Nyack Center and Memorial Park. Other connections were apparent as Dr. Lori Martin, a scholar and author who was born in Nyack, returned to Nyack and told of the life of Ms. Hesdra. Bill Batson, artist, writer and Nyack resident who had moved away and recently returned to Rockland, chaired the Nyack Commemoration Committee that proposed Nyack as a bench site and planned the dedication ceremonies. Further connections were apparent as various organizations in the county came together to comp…