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Experiencing STEM Education

At every level in education, a major topic of the day is the need to expand STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This is true at all levels, and there is also great interest in exposing females to these career fields. This reminds me of my children’s maternal great-grandmother, whom I knew. Her name was Della Permethia Henderson McDowell, as befits her generation at the time of her birth. She grew up in Paris, Texas and married young. Her husband owned a lumberyard and died young, leaving her to run the business and raise two small boys. She did both well and was able to send her sons to college during the Great Depression. One was an All American baseball player who played professional baseball and became a university coach. The other became a university president. Della loved math, and practiced algebra well into her nineties. Her son would buy her the latest algebra text from the university book store and she spent hours “doing algebra” on legal…